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Friday, 17 December 2010 13:26

IRender nXt is a new, fully integrated, plugin for Google SketchUp to create photorealistic renderings directly from your SketchUp model. This plugin was created by Render Plus Systems.

Based on our nXt technology, IRender nXt is the premier, easy to use rendering tool for Google SketchUp.

Material Channels

You can take a look at a hot new feature of IRender nXt - Material Channels.

Material Channels let you alter the color of materials, after rendering, without having to re-render the entire scene.


IRender nXt 3.5 for SketchUp 8 from RenderPlus is now available.

New Rendering Engine: Path Tracer

Path tracing is a new rendering algorithm for IRender nXt. Path tracing can improve render quality for many scenes. Improvements to indirect light calculation, overall scene lighting and reflections are normal results in the new engine.

Integrated Lighting Channels improved

By assigning channels to sun, sky, and groups of lights, you can quickly adjust the intensity within a final render image without having to re-render the scene. This allows you to fine tune your lighting without having to wait for an additional rendering.

Downloadable link :-

Features :-

Define lights, materials, reflection and other properties in the SketchUp model.

Create Photorealistic renderings and animations

Uses the AccuRender nXt ray trace engine for professional, high-quality renderings.








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